USinGreen provides support and technical advice to ensure the development and implementation of sustainable building solutions at all stages, from design to operation, to get LiderA recognition or certification.







What is LiderA?

LiderA is a sustainability assessment voluntary system, totally developed in Portugal, applicable to buildings (and intervention areas) from the design phase to the operational one, including construction.


LiderA is a certification system of the built environment, adapted to the national context that attends to Portugal’s intrinsic aspects, in environmental, social and economic level.



• Is a Portuguese brand

• Is voluntary

• Wants to lead through environment

• Searches for sustainability

• Improves continuously

• Is a third party verification system


 Why choose LiderA?


LiderA is a Portuguese registered trademark, credible and recognized in terms of environmental performance and construction sustainability.


The implementation of LiderA in the projects, from the design phase to the operational phase, results in the reduction of the environmental impacts, in the efficient use of resources and in the reduction of the overall cost throughout its life cycle.


LiderA certification is a differentiating factor in the current national real estate market.


LiderA already has a significant number of certificates issued for different national and international enterprises, in several sectors of activity – commercial (sports and food and wine beverage), services and residential.


Where does LiderA apply and how does it work?

LiderA applies to all residential, services, tourism and commercial buildings (and intervention areas), at any stage of its life cycle. LiderA consists of a system of evaluation of construction organized in levels of environmental performance in a sustainability perspective. Based on six principles, LiderA has 43 criteria distributed across different areas that, after an evaluation, are categorized into a performance scale from G to A (up to A ++). At the A ++ (most efficient) level, performance is about 90% higher than the least efficient level.

How is LiderA in Portugal?

Currently, there are more than 30 projects certified in Portugal, in the residential, tourism, commercial and services sectors.

Do you want to know which ones? Learn more here.


Recently LiderA is establishing collaboration protocols with some city councils, in order to encourage the implementation of this system in new projects.