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What makes us different?

• Know-how in the field of construction and industry

• Informality in project management

• Strong commitment to sustainable construction

• LEED accredited Portuguese professionals

• Entrepreneurial vision

• Determination in achieving goals and close collaboration with customers

A equipa

   Sandra Pires

Sandra is graduated in Environmental Engineering (University of Aveiro), trainer, internal auditor and LEED AP Building design + construction.

Environment is an early passion and using all her professional background in the construction field, Sandra opted to go further searching for innovative certification solutions, believing in the behavior change, which considers inevitable.

She has an extensive national and international experience in implementing quality and environmental management systems. Living and working in Africa for more than 4 years shows her versatility and easy adaptation to change and to multicultural environments. Sandra has strong sense of responsibility, is a dynamic and committed person, constantly seeking new challenges, which always faces with determination.

Sandra has diversified expertise is in the construction and industry fields, focusing on the development and implementation of management systems, auditing, organisation, planning and monitoring projects in sustainable construction.

She loves traveling and considers that it contributes to personal development and learning. She values sustainability and strongly supports humanitarian and environmental causes.

  Miguel Sobral

Miguel early embraced the environmental causes, but the greatest step was undoubtedly given the day he decided to become an Environmental Engineer (University of Aveiro).

For more than ten years, he has brought the environmental causes to construction field, and was involved as an environmental manager, trainer and auditor, in some of the most important road and rail projects in Portugal in the last decade.

He joined LiderA and more recently LEED (BD + C) searching for innovative answers in the sustainable construction field.

Traveling and following performing arts are a source of inspiration and criativity for Miguel.