Management Systems/Audits | Environmental Studies | Environmental Monitoring at Work | Environmental Licensing

Using our extensive experience in management systems, and our knowledge of methods and best practices, we provide consulting and auditing services in integrated systems of quality and environmental management.
We guarantee a close relationship with our customers, contributing to the continuous improvement of the company’s internal processes.

We can work with you in:

Integrated Management Systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)
Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)
Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

Environmental Impact Studies

The Environmental Impact Assessment is a preventive tool of the environmental policy. USinGreen is ready to support the development of Environmental Impact Studies in different environmental descriptors.

Environmental Diagnostics

An environmental diagnosis is a fundamental tool for the decision-making process in an organization. These studies may have different goals, like the assessment of compliance with environmental legislation or the environmental assessment prior to the implementation of an environmental management system according to specific standards.

The environmental impacts of construction works can only be reduced with the periodic monitoring of all the different stages of a project. USinGreen has an extensive experience in the environmental monitoring.

The environmental licensing processes in an organization require a deep knowledge of the applicable legislation. USinGreen can be the ideal partner to successfully support the development and implementation of those processes.

We are accredited trainers and we believe our customers need to be updated on all the good practices in the quality and environmental areas. We are always available for training/awareness raising, ensuring access to all the most recent and necessary information.